Your Guide to Getting Started

People around the world are craving purpose and clarity on how to take action to make the world a better place – But too many barriers stand in the way of starting a nonprofit or social enterprise organization, social impact career, or lifestyle. And that sucks, because if we’re going to tackle local and global problems, we need more hearts and minds at the forefront of creating change.

Use Founder to Full-Time to:

1. Clarify Your Path

Do you want to start a nonprofit organization or social enterprise? Launch a community project? Something else? Check out resources on the Blog to consider your many options for pathways to make an impact.

2. Create Your Plan

Check out training and support opportunities to help you craft your plan to start a nonprofit or social enterprise sustainably.

3. Find Your People

Every changemaker needs allies, encouragers and friends. Join our community of changemakers to find your people, and learn about upcoming opportunities for additional peer learning and support as you craft your career and lifestyle to change the world.

Hi, I’m Amber!

I’m a writer, speaker, nonprofit founder and social entrepreneur on a mission to help everyday people create their roadmap to a life or career that creates positive social change.

Years ago, I felt inspired to make an impact in my community and launched a nonprofit with little experience, just a handful of supporters, and zero dollars in start-up funds. I grew the organization and became its full-time Executive Director, working to fulfill our mission alongside a team of staff and an amazing board of directors.

I started getting lots of questions – from friends, from strangers! – about how I did it. So, in 2019, I started a YouTube channel (followed by this blog) with a goal of helping more people join the social change club and demystifying how it all works: Starting a nonprofit or social enterprise, making an impact through socially conscious business, recruiting and mobilizing volunteers to help great causes, and more.

Now I’m here to help you turn your passion into a successful nonprofit or social enterprise through my Founder to Full-Time Academy!

I believe two things:

1. Any person can be a changemaker, regardless of background, education, or experience. Every person who ever changed their community or changed the world started out as an everyday human just trying to figure life out.

2. The time and opportunity is now to shift the attention of our modern workforce and lifestyle toward innovation and services that solve persistent problems like food insecurity, access to education and healthcare, and more.

But getting started isn’t easy. As a nonprofit founder myself, I know the challenges intimately.

If you’re looking for more hands-on help from me above and beyond my Founder to Full-Time Academy, check out some of the ways I can partner with you: